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We are at a tipping point

In 2015, there were 1,3 million electric vehicles in the world. By 2030, the number of electric vehicles on roads around the world will reach 125 million.

The number of electric vehicles will increase significantly and this effect will continue until big majority of the cars in the world become electric.

Ok, why now?

The most important reason for the actual high prices of electric cars, in comparison with gasoline and diesel cars, is the cost of the battery. Emerging technologies are rapidly reducing battery costs. As soon as the price of electric vehicles will become equal to the prices of equal models of gasoline and diesel vehicles, the sales of electric cars will explode.

FullCharger is a pioneer and widespread e-mobility company, both as a Charge Point Operator and as an Expert Project Contractor. These are investments which will be active throughout the country. The sun is turning to be the basic energy source of our homes. Storage solutions are settling into our lives. We are preparing to become the strongest infrastructure company in the nearest future.

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Why multiple partnership?

We offer you to become part of our vision.

FullCharger plan to make its capital structure strong and widespread with the multiple partnership. Our idea of investments covers the whole country in phases.

In total maximum 20% of the shares of a country company are open for multiple partnership.

The multiple partnership will enable FullCharger to strength on the market and accelerate its growth in the country as a multinational company.

We know that many people who have environmental sensitivity and who have already bought or will buy electric vehicles, who take advantage of solarenergy and who use energy efficiently for the benefit of humanity, are setting for the future of this business.

We are welcome to make them to be part of the business.

Online stock exchange

All Investors Club is an investment company managing the relations with Individual National Investors. It provides online transactions within FullCharger. It is able to give access to the investment opportunities, e.g. purchase, sale of shares and waiting list services for Individual National Investors within the framework of country legislation and tax practices.

Individual National Investors and will have the possibility for:

  • the entrance for multiple partnership
  • the entrance and exit from the waiting list for multiple partnership
  • the exit from multiple partnership

FullCharger's Individual National Investors will always be able to convert their investments into cash and get new shares, regardless of their share in the company.

All Investors Club is a special privilege proposed by FullCharger to its investors.

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How do your investments work?

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1. Strengthening the business network

The FullCharger has an original business model as the Charge Point Operator. FullCharger divides the country into Authorized Areas and creates an extensive business network from the categories of National Business Partners (NBP), such as Exclusive, Extra, Highways, Network, and Local Business Partners (LBP), e.g. Unique, Leader, Pioneer, Free, and Self.

Our Individual National Investors (INI) have the possibility to propose to Business Partner to be part of the Charge Point Operator Business Network. And Business Partners can get money back limited to their investments while enabling FullCharger to become widespread.

FullCharger with thousands of Business Partners in the country is targeting to be Charge Point Operator, which will be the most prevalent, most effective, the fastest growing and which gives immediate response to local demands.

2. Project contacting

You will have the right for “project contacting” to FullCharger, who acts as an Expert Project Contractor.

Each project that you start through “Project Registration Portal”, and which ends up in success will benefit you.

While FullCharger grows as an integrated Expert Project Contractor of the country, you will be able to obtain 5 times more than your investments through the project premiums without any time limit.

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3. Fullcharger’s potential to increase and gain value

FullCharger is a pioneer and dedicated market maker of the ecosystem including electric vehicles, charging stations and smart and green technologies since 2007.

FullCharger's essence is a global, dynamic management approach, understanding and localization of sharing economy principles.

FullCharger's corporate capital structure include Strategic and Operational Partners, Individual and Corporate National Investors to create layers such as healthy development and sustainability.

FullCharger in frame of All Investors Club will give a special priority to Individual National Investors in each “exit proposal”.

The great success that will emerge from your “small” investments will be our common success story.

We wish to share the unique vision of FullCharger. This is an offer to be “the partner for the future”.

If you're ready, we can proceed further cooperation.

If you would like to be a Shareholder, please follow the process below.


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Become an Investor of FullCharger.

1. Fill in the application form.


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2. Sign NDA.

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3. Get the teaser for an investor.

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4. Answer clarifying questions.

Please choose the location and date to attend the meeting to get to know about potential partnership.

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5. Watch videos about company and business model.

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6. Attend a meeting for potential investors.

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7. Become an Investor of FullCharger.

Please find more details about potential cooperation in your email.